Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2008 by Henry Gonzales

Los Altos Quarterback Booster Club

Revised 03/2008

Mission Statement

The mission of the LAQB Booster Club is to facilitate and promote the activities of the Los Altos Football team program. The Los Altos Quarterback Booster will work with the Los Altos coaches and administration in identifying specific needs of the program in the areas of building morale, boosting attendance, and providing an enjoyable healthy environment for the Athletic Football student. The Booster Club will also be responsible for raising funds required to meet our objectives.

Article I – Name and Purpose

The name of this organization shall be The Los Altos Quarterback Booster Club hereafter referred to as the LAQB Booster Club. The Quarterback Booster Club shall exist to support the student athletes, coaches and athletic department of Los Altos High School. This support shall include facilitating communication between parents, create liaisons for each team sport, and coordinate and conduct fundraisers to enhance the school athletic department.

Article II – Membership and Dues

Section 1- Membership shall be open to all parents of Los Altos Student students, Los Altos Alumni and Friends of Los Altos High School.

Section 2 - Spirit Pack shall be paid annually and assessed per family to cover one fiscal year, which year coincides with that of the school. The dues amount shall be decided by the executive committee and the Head Coach. Summer Camp, Spirit Pack etc.

Article III – Executive Board

Section 1 - The EXECUTIVE BOARD shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chairman, Head Coach, the Los Altos Athletic Director, and the immediate Past President.

Section 2 - The EXECUTIVE BOARD shall be responsible for oversight of all Booster Club activities. The Executive Board shall serve from July 1 until June 30 of the following year. Election shall be held June 15th at the end of the Booster year.

Section 3 - The PRESIDENT will preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and the general membership. The President shall organize and chair committees to meet the mission of the Booster Club, and work with the Athletic Director and Head Coaches to appoint a member to serve as Representative from each team sport. The President shall report his activities at the monthly meeting of the Executive Board. The President and the Athletic Director of Los Altos High School will appoint the Booster Club President, preferably from a candidate serving on the current Executive Board. The President of the Booster Club, along with the Athletic Director and the President of LAQB shall appoint and/or fill all vacancies of the Executive Board. President shall remain on the Executive Board for a one-year term, immediately following his/her term as President, in an advisory position.

Section 4 - The VICE PRESIDENT shall assist the President and serve in their absence at the discretion of the Athletic Director and LAQB President. The Vice President is responsible for working with the Executive Board to find chairs and volunteers for the Booster Club events. The Vice President position will include the duties of Booster Club communications overseeing the newsletter and the website.

Section 5 - The TREASURER shall collect all membership dues and monitor the income and expenses of the Booster Club. The Treasurer shall submit a financial report at every Executive Board and general membership meeting. The Treasurer shall collect all funds from fund raiser events and must have two executive board members count cash in each other presents to verify amount of cash deposit. Two signers must Seal cash in envelope and delivery to Treasure for deposit. Treasure may serve for a term of one year but not to exceed two years in a row. No checks shall be issued unless approved by Executive Board. Treasure has the right of refusal if fee exceeds amount of funds in account.

Section 6 - The SECRETARY shall keep a binder that includes minutes of the Executive Board and general membership meetings, accounts of the general membership meeting and a copy of the by-laws.

Section 7 - The MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all Booster Club members and their dues status. This duty shall be done so as to maximize the enrollment of the Booster Club membership. The Membership Chair is encouraged to attend or appoint another committee member to attend class and sport meetings/functions to encourage membership.

MEMBERS volunteering in service to the Booster Club shall conduct themselves and perform their duties with respect to the ideals and Principles of Los Altos Quarterback Club. Their performance shall be in accordance with school regulations and, for those sports with UIL involvement, adhere to guidelines set forth by the UIL. Questions concerning any Booster Club activity should be addressed immediately to the Athletic Director of Los Altos High School.

Article IV – Committee Structure (See Organizational Chart)

Section 1 - The SPORT REPRESENTATIVE shall, in coordination with the Team coach, organize and mobilize the parents involved in the respective sport in an effort to achieve the objectives of the Booster Club. Sport Representatives may appoint committees to assist in the execution of his/her responsibilities. In sports with multiple teams, the Sport Representative shall appoint an individual to coordinate that team’s
Booster Club activities. This group shall meet together with the executive
Committee twice a year one hour before the general membership meeting.

Section 2 - The Membership Committee

Section 3 - The Newsletter Committee

Section 4 - Special Events – Barbeque, Golf Tournament, Casino Night, Meet and Greet Mixer, Powder Puff, Turnaround, Car wash, Blitz night, TV Show Fundraiser, Sam’s Club matching fund, Pancake breakfast, Donation Ask a friend, and Banquet Dinner.

Article V – Meetings

Section 1 - The executive committee shall meet Twice a month on the first and Second Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. And as Much as 4 times a month during season (At the discretion of LAQB President).

Section 2 - There shall be a general membership meeting twice a month. And as Much as 4 times a month during season (At the discretion of LAQB President) All are welcome.

Section 3 - Sport Representatives may have meetings at their discretion to meet their responsibilities.

Article VI – Changes to By-Laws

Section 1 - These by-laws may be amended by the Executive Board with concurrence of the Athletic Director and or The Principal of Los Altos High School. No amendment shall be inconsistent with the mission of the Los Altos Quarterback Booster Club.